Phasor Professional 2.1.1

December 1st, 2015

Phasor Professional is priced at $1,760 USD

Phasor Professional 2.1.1 has the ability to process up to three modes (Day, Night, NDA). It also features the standard ease of use that you would find in a Windows-based application.

  • Windows Compatible
  • More than 1 mode
  • Design Safety factors
  • Shunt, Tee, and PI power divider types
  • Complete parts listing by company
  • Automatic Component selection
  • Context sensitive help
  • Professional Schematic and Pattern plots
  • Systems Analysis at ±5, ±10, ±15, ±20, ±25, ±30kHz

In February, 2009, the FCC released a new ruling that will allow directional proofs to be done using values calculated by a Method of Moments program. Phasor Professional 2.1.1 has made it an easy process to calculate the information needed for the new rules. If you are a current customer of Phasor Professional 2.1, please download your FREE update of Phasor Professional 2.1.1.  Installation instructions can be found in our Phasor Professional 2.1.1 announcement.

pdfPhasorPro 2.1.1 Announcement

Phasor Professional 2.1.1 shows or calculates the following:

  • Tower Radius
  • Degrees between Current Moments
  • Detuned Currents
  • Impedances with other towers open circuited
  • Impedances with other towers short circuited
  • Current Moments of operating array
  • Phasor Professional will also calculate a model for self-supporting towers

Phasor Professional Demo Screencasts

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